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September 16, 2013


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Hailing Xu

Tableau is clearly leading in providing a user friendly way for everyone to get involved in BI. Whether or not it will become the leader in BI is actually depending on the big 4 (Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft) maybe even Microstratey. If those bigger vendors really understand what's going on in the user community and start investing in the similar areas, Tableau may never become the leader in market shares.


Great post on the current state of Tableau Software. It was my first time attending TCC and I was pleasantly surprised at the vibe contributed to by everyone from low-level analysts to buttoned-up consultants to web journalists to executives from varied industries. I've never been so inspired by a keynote from a corporate entity! While they certainly have plenty of room to grow and improve (concur with the point made on multipass SQL), kudos to them for listening closely to their customers and creating a culture of data-driven insight and discovery.

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