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May 17, 2012


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Great Summary. Visual Intelligence I definitely a nice step forward although still very much a 1.0 release.

Based on my experience with it so far, there are still some basic user interface features that have been implemented like the ability to 'swap' dimensions. You can to delete the original one and add a new one... or the undo button that only undoes changes to the visualization (and not filters). I'm hoping that this and several other user interface features will be added for that June release.

That said, the visualizations do look great. I especially like the ability to slice up the chart area into a grid and display 36 pie charts or line charts simultaneous (e.g. 6 product categories by 6 customer segments).

It was interesting to see that this product was positioned as an extension of the "Explorer Suite" as opposed to a new product or an extension of WebIntelligence.

What is your reaction to yet another tool in the BI suite?

cindi Howson

Hey, David, nice to hear from you!
Yes, indeed 1.0 product - I did say not much point in my testing until June release and/or data sources beyond HANA so I will take a closer look then. As to "another tool," i think it is the view of "right tool for right user" which is still not so greatly understood in the BI market, and why I'm still teaching a class about this for TDWI. I have a free paper on it, but want to post some ppts along these lines. Bottom line, I view visual discovery as a distinct module / set of capabilities within the BI suite.

Steve Krandel

Big downside to Visual Intelligence.......It only works on a 64 bit OS. That means that it won't run on almost any system that our users have.


Hi, Steve, hope you saw that SAP just released 32-bit version of Vizi.

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