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November 08, 2011


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Dan Gerena

BI implementatons will naturally have high adoption rates among tactical users because they need access to certain information to function in their day-to-day roles (i.e. what vendors do I owe, what customers owe me, etc.).
But to truly have "impact" the BI implementation must have aligned to it analysts whose primary role is to make sense of data, who know how to make the data tell a story (what are the outliers, trends, where do my customers come from geospatially, etc.) for the strategic decision makers. "impact" can only come from having a structure by which BI resources can directly support the leadership of the organization that are less involved with tactical problems and more concerned with longer-term problems. In other words, you have to have analysts embedded in your BI team...you can't just roll out a dashboard and expect to have impactful results as leaders who make impactful decisions often don't have the time or skill set to translate the data from a BI tool to useful information. Leaders are paid to execute, not analyze data. Your BI team needs to ve structured to support that dichotomy of tactical vs. strategic users.

valarie preston

Tactical users in any typical enterprise have to wait for strategic users to make sense of data and extract insights from it. And what happens during the time that lapses between the request and the response? It wouldn't be a wild leap of imagination to say by the time 'actionable' insight arrives, the context has expired. The hunches have been already made at the tactical level which snowball into bullwhips! This is what happens despite sophisticated BI in place and in use. To top it all, we have acute shortage of BI analysts http://goo.gl/AIkDJ

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