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February 24, 2011


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Hi Cindi,

Thanks for this excellent review.
I totally agree with you that many organizations and firms are not yet in 64 bit era.

If that is the case then of course organizations that will want to move to BI4 will have to make migration, take care of the licenses and find the budget for that.
One thing that can ensure that 64 bit won't be a problem for long is that this is the future of 32 bit systems that are already old and sometimes insufficient enough.
Another major thing:
What about Deski? It is no longer exists.
If you still use the famous client you will have to convert all your reports to webi XI3.1 first and that is an upgrade but converting is migrating no?
Another thing is that the conversion tool is not as that good with complex queries, some of the reports will be partially converted & some will have to be re-written.




Its been a while since we've spoken.

Regarding 4.0, with the BEx via BICS approach, what happens to the flexibility and power of the universe. Isn't that lost since a BEx query, as its name implies, was originally designed to be a query and not a platform to support queries as was the intent of a universe? In order for a BEx query to do that, you would need to create an uber BEx query which traditionally impacts performance. I think all this makes sense if you are a classic SAP shop trying to put a new face on BEx reporting. I'm still struggling to see the benefits to Self-service universe based Webi users.

I guess to me , performance aside, A BEx query does not replace a universe, and Universes against BW still have some major challenges.

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