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November 06, 2009


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Pierre Leroux

Hello Cindi.
I have attended your Cool BI: The Latest Innovations course on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you, it was excellent. I too was a little surprised by how low BI SAAS scored in your poll despite a very solid but somewhat rushed demo by Birst. Perhaps enterprises are too busy (giving the economic conditions) trying to squeeze the most of existing BI investments to even pay attention to the on-premise / in-the-cloud debate. In a year from now, I am confident we will see a different picture and a stronger SAAS uptake.
Out of the three demos, Tableau did a very impressive demo and I am not surprised that Advanced Visualizations scored so high.

Cindi Howson

Hi, Pierre, thank you for your comment and for attending the course! I think you are correct about some of the reason for lack of interest in SaaS – sometimes putting out fires takes priority over rethinking ways of doing BI. I also think that some innovations simply take time for the market to understand the value and limitations. SaaS in BI is still very much early days, whereas in CRM and content management, for example, it’s more mature. The same can be said of advanced visualization – these products have been around for years. But it seems they are only just now gaining acceptance and momentum beyond niche users.


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