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November 27, 2008


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What a shamefully outrageous miscarriage of justice. By causing our society to degrade into a fear-driven shadow of what it once was, our reputation as defenders of freedom is squandered... and maybe the terrorists have won after all.

Cindi Howson

Hi, Peter, it is outrageous, but the more I read about what ICE is doing, the more I see that innocent people like Clem and even U.S. citizens have gotten caught in the mess. I too thought it was fear of terrorists, but really, it seems more a general issue of the whole immigration challenge. Thank you for any support you can give. Cindi


I feel sick to my stomach with this injustice that ICE is committing. My heart goes out to Paul's family and children. I know exactly how this feel. My brother is currently going through the same EXACT situation, the same marijuana violation charge in NY from back in 2000. I am amazed at how close my brother’s case is to Paul’s. My brother is currently detained at the Bergen County Jail in NJ, for the past 15 days. He is being kept away from his 3 month baby, wife and beloved family members.

I wanted to know an update on Paul’s case as the last post was in December of 2008.
Any information is appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

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