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July 23, 2008


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Bobj Guy

Over the last two years, Bajitos has managed to make marginal improvements in a support organization he broke. When Business Objects bought Crystal, Crystal had fabulous support. Bobj had some of the worst support in BI. Bajitos was responsible for that. Customer sat surveys from companies that had both products were embarrassing for Bobj. Crystal's Dave Galloway was put in charge of the combined organization, but constantly undermined by Sales. Over the first two years after the acquisition, headcount shifted to create a much higher case load to engineer ratio in the Crystal teams and somewhat lower ratio in the Bobj teams. It wasn't enough of an effort to increase "classic" bobj customer sat, but it did manage to alienate "classic" Crystal customers. If Dave Galloway had been free to run support at bobj the way he ran it at Crystal, bobj would have the best support not only in BI, but in enterprise software. When Dave Galloway left, Bajitos was given the now combined bobj support back. He ruined support. Dozens of the most senior, experienced support engineers left for other parts of the company and were replaced by subpar outsourced contract help in India. So, sure, over the last two years, Bajitos has managed to stop the bleeding and even put a little salve on the wound, but it's a self-inflicted wound. That guy shouldn't be running a 7-11.


SAP has ruined Crystal. So many bugs, so little time. Can't even get a service pack installed. It hangs too.

Everey release has gotten progressively worse, but they keep issuing releases because it means money to them, in spite of screwing the end users.

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